As a pool owner, it should be your pride and joy to have a sparkling blue pool at all times. It requires quite a bit of effort and regular maintenance. Several homeowners attempt to handle everything related to their swimming pool’s maintenance on their own, but it necessitates its own list of chores that you need to complete in order to maintain your swimming pool’s sparkling appeal. Swimming pool maintenance can swiftly turn into a hassle if you choose the DIY approach.

We Clean It All employs expert teams to offer the highest quality pool maintenance services in and around the Gauteng province. We deal with everything from general pool cleaning and maintenance to sweeping and backwashing.

  Maintenance package

  • Brushing of the walls and floor
  • Scooping out of leaves
  • Backwashing and rinsing
  • Pump and weir basket cleaning
  • Weekly testing of acid levels and corrections
  • Monthly floater
  • Vacuuming pools